Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc.

Club Polo Shirts and Vehicle Stickers

Merchandise can be purchased at Club Events or when attending Meetings.

See our current available stock below

Please contact our Merchandise Coordinator via this link , Complete and submit form to advise details of merchandise you wish to purchase so our Merchandise Coordinator can arrange.

Clubs Polo Shirts ($40 each)

Note: Polo Shirts would cost extra if we need to arrange for one off sizing.

Payment of Merchandise can be made on Club trips (cash only) or when attending general meetings (cash or bank transfer).



Our current stock of Polo Shirt sizes & Stickers available.

Ladies   Men’s  
Size Quantity Available Size Quantity Available
10 one M Out of Stock
12 two L Out of Stock
14 one 2XL three
16 one 3XL two
18 two    

Sticker Cost
Club Logo $5 LARGE size run out sale $2.50 SMALL size run out sale $2.50