Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc.

Beginning of the Suba 4WD Club

Well over 36 years ago Ron Penfold was driving across the Captain Cook Bridge following a white Subaru 4WD wagon, It had wide wheels and was lifted. Ron passed this Subaru and pulled over in front of it to show off his lifted and converted Subaru 4WD sedan. The driver flashed his head lights and they pulled over to have a chat. That was how Ron Penfold met Trevor Bell. Ron would regularly drop in to Trevor’s place. On one of those visits Ron met the late Gary Moedt and there were discussions about forming a Subaru 4WD club, as the other 4WD clubs looked down their noses at the Subaru.

Trevor had earlier met Ian Gregory, who had expressed interest in forming a Subaru 4WD club and had a list of interested people. Trevor contacted Ian and arrangements were made to meet with the intention of forming the Subaru 4WD Club of QLD.

A meeting was arranged at JC Slater Falls in June 1979. There was enough interest to form a Club, so everyone moved to Trevor Bells home and there the first meeting was held and election of the first committee. Ron Penfold as President, Trevor Bell as Vice President, Neral Gregory as Secretary, Mike Stokes as Treasurer, Ian Gregory as Editor, Gary Armbrose as Propererty Officer and Peter Macey as Social Director. 32 members joined that first night with a membership fee of $10. There was a ballot for the first 10 membership numbers. SC (Subaru Club) was decided as our call sign followed by membership number.

Founding members who are still members today are: Ian Gregory SC03, Trevor Bell SC05, Clint Lovell SC09 and Ron Penfold SC02, the last 3 are life members.

Meetings were held on the first Wednesday of the month and were originally held at Trevor’s home. Within 6 months the club moved to Milton Lawn Tennis Assoc at Milton. Meetings were held there for 10 years before moving to Broncos at Red Hill for 1 year, then the Polish Club at Milton for 9 years before moving to the Vintage and Veteran Car club meeting rooms at Carindale and changing the meeting night to the 4th Monday of the month.

The first “Suba-News” was published in July 1979.

First club trip was a day trip run by Ron Penfold on 22 July to Wiangaree State Forest now the Boarder Rangers National Park, via the Lions Rd. The first weekend trip was to Double Island Point on 18 & 19 August.