Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc.

Convoy Rules

Convoy Rules are to be observed on all trips.

  1. Trip Leader will appoint Tail-End Charlie for each trip.

  2. Each vehicle is responsible for the following vehicle. When you reach a change in track direction and the following vehicle is not in sight – wait.

  3. Second vehicle in the convoy will pull aside and open the gate, let the rest of the convey through and then rejoin the convoy in front of Tail End Charlie

  4. Each driver shall keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front at all times, more so in hilly country or after fording when brakes are wet. In doing so, the driver should still endeavour to keep the vehicle in front in sight to ensure a smoother running convoy.

  5. Should the convoy become separated and you reach a change in track direction and there is no vehicle to indicate the next stage, wait for the previous vehicle to return. DO NOT proceed any further.

  6. All vehicles must carry recovery gear and have recovery points securely fixed front and rear.

  7. In the event of winching or recovery being necessary, the operator will be in charge of the recovery.

  8. The club trip UHF channel is 10. Radios are not to be used as a substitute for convey rules

  9. No vehicle shall pass the Trip Leader except in an EMERGENCY

  10. All drivers are responsible for their passengers, including domestic animals at all times.

  11. Any vehicle leaving the convoy for any reason will wave the remainder of the convoy past and inform Tail End Charlie of their intentions.