Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc.

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Subscription New Renewal
Ordinary Member $70 $70
New Members either pay full $70 or pro-rata amount dependent on joining month of Financial Year.

All Memberships expire at EOFY 30th June. Membership renewal fees are due before 1st July each FY.

Pro-Rata fees for new members as below:

$70 – Join in Months July – December or June of current Financial Year.

$40 – Join in months January – March of current Financial Year.

$20 – Join in months April – May of current Financial Year.

** Hardship payment options are available:

  • Two x $35 payments for renewals or new members.
  • Members to arrange by direct email to the Club Treasurer. Confidentiality assured.

Payment Methods:

  1. Cash – pay at club meeting
  2. Bank Transfer – with full name as reference

Bank: Bank of QLD
Account Name: Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc
BSB No: 124 009
Account No: 228 609 48

Your application will not be processed until the correct membership fees are received. Please note: If full name is not used as reference when making payment there can be a considerable delay in your membership being lodged.

You may submit an application by completing the following form. Upon submission, the results will be automatically emailed to the membership officer.