Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc.

Club Trips - Non Members Information Handout


Trips with the Subaru 4WD Club of QLD Inc. 

The Subaru 4WD Club of QLD is non-profit organisation run for benefit of its members,  promoting enjoyment of the outdoors in a family environment. The Clubs holds a Public  Liability/Personal Injury insurance policy, a necessity requirement for the club and is part of our annual affiliation  costs. The management committee has implemented a policy for fairness of Members and  Non-Members alike who attend our trips as below. 

Conditions for Non-Members attending our trips: 

  • Non-Members can attend two (2) trips free of charge to check us out  If Non-Members wish to continue attending trips after completion of two (2) trips, they will be required to join the club and become a financial member
  • Current annual membership fees are $70 per household for a Financial Year (eg. A family  of four is covered in a single Membership fee of $70) 


How to join the Club: 

Join via our Membership page by scanning this QR code:

QR code not working for you? Please browse to our website and click the Membership Menu option 

Club Bank Acct Details for internet transfer of membership fees after online registration:  

BSB: 124 009 

Account: 2286 0948 

Reference: Full Name 

Other Useful Information for our trips: 

  • Radio Comms: UHF Channel 10 (club has some spare hand-held units for day loan) Trips run in Convoy with dedicated Leader and Tail-End Charlie. 
  • Make sure you know which car in the convoy is in front and also behind you.  Any turns will be communicated by Trip Leader via radio. 
  • Make sure the car trailing in the convoy sees your signal before executing a turn, ensuring everyone stays on course and nobody loses their way!
  • Most importantly have fun! 

Questions? Chat to the Trip Leader or a Club Member on todays trip. Alternatively click the Contact Us menu on our website